Algo Donations

At Algo Cleanup we want to be transparent about our donations and how they are being used. Algorand’s blockchain is a public ledger of all transactions. With Algorand’s fast block finalization combined with the fact that the blockchain will never fork, makes it easy to provide an indisputable level of transparency.

I’m a small one man team, but I will account for all withdrawals from the projects wallet. The wallet total in the sidebar is dynamically updated thanks to an API connection.

Algo Explorer

This is all possible thanks to tools like Algo Node. I highly encourage users to explore this site as it display the undeniable performance of Algorand from transaction per second to block speed, all in real time.

Their API tools enable even small projects the ability to interact with Algorand’s blockchain. A level of transparency that would not be possible without blockchain technology.

Algo Cleanup Transactions

Below is a simple table detailing any withdrawals from the projects wallet. A few areas I plan to use donations are to support the community with bucket or sticker giveaways, maintain this website, and mint Algo Cleanup NFTs.

00114.245 Domain Registration
00276.22 AlgosPurchased stickers for bucket giveaways