NFT Series

Algorand & NFTs

Algo Cleanup aims to foster an engaged community by making cleaning up trash fun. One unique way we accomplish this goal is by creating an Algo Cleanup NFT Series.

NFT Series Explained

Once a month an image that has been submitted via our subreddit or using our Instagram hashtag #AlgoCleanup will be selected. The selected image will feature a member cleaning up their local community.

Once an image is selected over the next weeks artists will be able to submit any artistic interpretation of the selected image on our subreddit. The submitted artistic renditions will be selected by Algo Cleanup, but a thread will be start in our subreddit and will be influential in the chosen art work.

The pair of images will be minted into an NFT to be auctioned off.

Algo Cleanup NFT Series #001 Inspiration
Algo Cleanup 001 Interpretation
  • 45% of the winning bid will go to the cleaner
  • 45% of the winning bid will go to the artist
  • 10% of the winning bid will go to Algo Cleanup

Our Goal

By creating a unique way to reward the community for cleaning up we believe it will bring an incredible mix of artistry & environmental awareness together all possible because of Algorand’s revolutionary blockchain technology.

NFTs Explained

An NFT stands for a non-fungible token, meaning that it can not be replicate. A dollar bill is a fungible currency, because if asked to switch my dollar with your dollar we still both have the same asset. Now think of trading cards, you know not all cards are worth the same so you would be willing to swap any baseball card because you wouldn’t have the same asset anymore.

NFTs leverage the power of blockchain to prove undeniable ownership of an asset. Think anyone can buy a Van Gogh print. But only one person can own the original. NFTs hold tremendous potential because verifiable ownership of a digital asset could be applied to contracts, mortgages, event ticketing and much more! It is such a promising application of blockchain technologies that I wanted to incorporate them into Algo Cleanup.

How to create NFTs on Algorand

I use to create/mint and auction the interpretation NFTs. It is a very intuitive platform. I mint 2 of the inspiration NFT using and transfer the inspiration NFT to the winning bidders address and keep one as an archive in Algo Cleanup’s NFT wallet. This way users can see how many NFTs have been minted.

This is a fun way to engage with the community and have fun as we mesh technology, environmental initiatives, and artistry!