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Ledger Firmware Update 2.0 & Algorand

Ledger Nano X: Firmware Version 2.0.0 was released a few days ago. I noticed a reddit thread about users wondering if they should update. One comment caught my eye.

You need to re-pair Bluetooth afterwards but that’s the extent of it.


I saw a few more threads discussing this issue. So, I bit the bullet and installed the update.

Ledger has also recently updated their alerts section to show this is necessary after the firmware update.

Ledger Firmware 2.0 Warning Message

I suspect if you don’t install the firmware update you will be fine to vote, so some users may want to hold off on the update until they can vote. But in case you already updated or plan to, the instructions below will help you be prepared to vote.

Update your Ledger’s firmware: 

  1. Connect your Ledger to your computer.
  2. Navigate to the “Manager” tab.
  3. Install Firmware update.

Once updated, the only initial difference I noticed was the pin screen had more detail and a white box where you enter your pin.

My Ledger Live looked fine on my phone and computer after the update. I sent a 0 Algo transaction from my Ledger Live desktop version and was able to sign the transaction and received my rewards. All looked good.

I decided to send a second transaction from my Algorand App. I kept getting an error message when trying to complete the transaction. This is significant, as you will need to sign a transaction from your Ledger to vote.

Re-Pairing Your Ledger’s Bluetooth:

First, you need to remove your accounts from the Algorand app; screenshot.

Next, follow the Ledger troubleshooting steps to unpair and re-pair your bluetooth from the mobile Ledger Live app.

After your Ledger is re-paired with your Ledger Live mobile app. Then re-pair your Ledger with the Algorand app.

  1. Open the Algorand app.
  2. Add an account.
  3. Pair with Ledger.
  4. Make sure your Algorand app is open on your Ledger device; screenshot.
  5. Connect and authorize your accounts.
  6. [Optional] Send a 0 Algo transaction in the Algorand app to ensure you can sign transactions with your Ledger.

Now, you’re ready to vote with your Ledger Nano X!