$FOLKS Token by Folks Finance

In this article we gather all the details around the highly anticipated $FOLKS token, built by Folks Finance. On January 16, 2024 Folks Finance published a Medium article discussing their 2024 roadmap. Welcome to 2024, a year which holds much promise for the blockchain world. The Folks team has been working over the last few … Read more

Enhancing Algorand Governance Rewards

I have previously shared my Governance Period 10 DeFi strategy. In this post I’m going to discuss how I plan to earn extra rewards from Algos I purchase/rewards earned during the governance period. During the governance period you’re unable to increase your commitment and your wallet balance of Algos or committed LP tokens must remain … Read more

Folks Finance Consensus Rewards Governance Period 9

Unlocking Algorand Consensus Rewards with Folks Finance In this post, we’ll dive into the latest developments and provide a step-by-step tutorial on how you can get involved in the Algorand consensus process. 70,000 Algo Allocated for Algorand Consensus Folks Finance has earmarked 70,000 Algos from their Targeted DeFi Rewards program to incentivize participation in the … Read more

Folks Finance Redeem Period- Governance Period 9

With the end of another Governance period a window to redeem your gAlgo for Algo opens, known as the redeem period on Folks Finance. When users participate in an Algorand Governance Period through Folks Finance’s Algo Liquid Governance, they send their Algo commitment to Folks and in turn receive an ASA (#793124631) gAlgo in a … Read more

xAlgo: Folks Finance Expanding Algorand Governance Cross-Chain

Folks Finance is breaking new ground with the launch of xAlgo, a revolutionary cross-chain solution developed by Folks Finance. Leveraging Wormhole technology, xAlgo enables Algo holders to seamlessly bridge their assets from the Algorand network to the BNB Chain, granting them access to Algorand governance rewards while maintaining liquidity within a different ecosystem. This post … Read more

xGov Program Overview

Table of Contents What is the xGov Program The xGov program aims to create and empower an expert layer of governors, known as expert governors or xGovs, to apply their Algorand knowledge and expertise to funding proposals that best serve the Algorand ecosystem. The first iteration of this program will pertain to community grant applications. … Read more