Enhancing Algorand Governance Rewards

I have previously shared my Governance Period 10 DeFi strategy. In this post I’m going to discuss how I plan to earn extra rewards from Algos I purchase/rewards earned during the governance period. During the governance period you’re unable to increase your commitment and your wallet balance of Algos or committed LP tokens must remain … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About ORA

ORA, is a “mineable” Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) fully managed by an open-source smart contract. It is a meme project designed to showcase the amazing throughput of the Algorand blockchain. I have no association with this project, just admiration. It operates similarly to Bitcoin, where multiple parties can compete to earn a coin in a decentralized … Read more

Folks Finance Redeem Period- Governance Period 9

With the end of another Governance period a window to redeem your gAlgo for Algo opens, known as the redeem period on Folks Finance. When users participate in an Algorand Governance Period through Folks Finance’s Algo Liquid Governance, they send their Algo commitment to Folks and in turn receive an ASA (#793124631) gAlgo in a … Read more

Folks Finance Governance Period 7 Giveaway

15k gAlgo in Prizes Folks Finance has been hosting giveaways and contests for governors who participate through Algo Liquid Governance since Governance Period 4 (GP4). Folks is back again with another massive giveaway for GP7. Table of Contents Important Dates The giveaway, for Liquid Governors, will last during the GP7 commitment period ending on April … Read more