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Tinyman Swap Widget: Simplifying DeFi for All

The Tinyman Swap Widget, the latest addition to our Tinyman family, makes it simple to implement a swap tool directly into your website or app. This innovative tool is designed to streamline integration and enhance the user experience, setting a new standard for accessing DeFi functionalities. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of this exciting development and explore how it’s making DeFi more accessible and efficient for everyone.

Video Tutorial

Swap Widget Example

Simplifying DeFi for All

Tinyman’s mission has always been to make DeFi accessible by providing intuitive and powerful tools. Their Open Sourced SDKs, such as tinyman-py-sdk and tinyman-js-sdk, have already been embraced by many for seamless integration with Tinyman Swaps. The release of the Swap Widget is a significant milestone in their ongoing efforts to make the DeFi ecosystem user-friendly and efficient, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality and security.

Tinyman Swap Widget

Projects Using the Swap Widget

Two Algorand projects have already implemented the Swap Widget into their platform.


Algocasino, an intuitive website that is a premier destination for casino games on the Algorand blockchain, has seamlessly integrated the Swap Widget into their in-app gaming experience. This integration adds a layer of convenience, making token swaps easier than ever without leaving the game.


Gora, a multi-chain oracle providing reliable on-chain price data, has integrated the Swap Widget to offer its users instant access to the best swap rates directly within their platform.

These partnerships showcase the flexibility of our Swap Widget, which can be incorporated into various projects, from games to financial tools. I’m excited to see future collaborations with more projects to make this feature even more versatile and widely available.

Core Advantages of the Tinyman Swap Widget

For Projects & Developers:

  • Easy Integration: Embedding the widget into your platform is a breeze, requiring just a single line of code.
  • Revenue Generation: The widget supports an optional fee structure for swaps, creating an additional revenue stream for your project.

For Users:

  • Competitive Rates: Enjoy best-in-class swap rates thanks to Tinyman’s robust liquidity.
  • User-Centric Design: Execute swaps without leaving your current application, ensuring a seamless user experience. The Swap Widget is “Powered by Tinyman,” offering the same trusted quality and security found in our web application.

Implementation Guide

Incorporating the Tinyman Swap Widget is straightforward, with two methods for transaction signing:

  • Local Signer: Ideal for simplified implementation, with a separate session within the Widget.
  • Parent Signer: A more advanced option, leveraging the existing Parent App’s session, eliminating the need for a separate session for users.

Comprehensive guidance is available on our configuration page, and for more detailed information, review their official documentation.

Additional Features and Customizations

The widget allows projects to set an optional “Platform Fee” on swaps, tailored to your project’s financial model. Future updates will include the ability to specify an asset list for the widget, offering users greater flexibility in choosing swap assets.

Instant Best Rates: They’ve intentionally omitted a user-configurable “Slippage Tolerance” setting to ensure all users benefit from optimal rates via our Tinyman Swap Router, regardless of their familiarity with DeFi concepts.

Remember they are supporting integration efforts and looking to foster collaboration. Whether you require assistance with integration or have ideas for joint initiatives, don’t hesitate to contact the Tinyman team at or through their community channels.