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Exploring Stasis EURS: The Definitive EURO Stablecoin on Algorand

Stasis’s EURS, the premier EURO-backed stablecoin, has not only established itself as a beacon of stability within the crypto sphere but also as a pioneering force in fostering financial accessibility and innovation across the Algorand blockchain.

Operating as the largest and most transparent EURO stablecoin, EURS embodies reliability and transparency. With its 1:1 backing by liquid financial instruments, it ensures stability and investor trust. The stringent four-tier verification process further solidifies its standing as a robust and dependable digital asset within the European and global markets.

What sets Stasis apart is its expansive infrastructure, enabling seamless integration and interoperability across multiple blockchains. Algorand, among the six popular blockchains supported, stands as a pivotal hub for EURS transactions, capitalizing on Algorand’s efficiency, speed, and low transaction costs. This integration bolsters financial efficiency, offering users the advantage of obtaining optimal rates and exploring arbitrage opportunities within the broader Web3 ecosystem.

The commitment to maintaining a steadfast 1:1 rate with the fiat Euro underpins EURS’s credibility and stability. This reliability serves as a cornerstone, fostering trust among investors and users, an essential characteristic in the realm of stablecoins.

Stasis further streamlines the acquisition of EURS by offering a user-friendly purchasing experience. Initial purchases incur zero fees through SEPA or SWIFT, ensuring a seamless onboarding process. Subsequent purchases are accessible with minimal fees of just 0.1%, providing an attractive proposition for continued engagement. Additionally, the inclusion of Visa and MasterCard options expands accessibility and convenience for users, facilitating broader adoption. Currently, Stasis is unable to onboard users in the US.

DeFi Opportunities

Folks Finance

Users can deposit EURS to earn interest. They can also use it as collateral for loans. Learn more on Folks Finance.

Pact Fi

You can access lending pools through Folks Finance on Pact Fi. You can then farm your lending pool tokens on Pact Fi. See all of Pact Fi’s farms here.


Tinyman announced they will also be incentivizing liquidity providers by specific farms for Algo/EURS and USDC/EURS. See all of Tinyman’s farms here.

Robust liquidity of EURS within the DeFi space, especially through platforms like Folks Finance, Tinyman, and Pact, stands as the cornerstone of a healthy and vibrant ecosystem. Incentivizing users to provide liquidity not only enhances market depth but also ensures stability, enabling smoother transactions and fostering accessibility for participants. This proactive approach not only bolsters the EURO-backed stablecoin’s reliability but also amplifies its utility, paving the way for broader adoption and fostering a more resilient and sustainable DeFi landscape.